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Hi again! So now I am the new founder for this group! I promise that i will try and run this as smooth as possible and make this a great group for everyone involved! :D
Now that i am in charge, there will be some changes around here!

1.) I will be putting more regulations down for the featured folder, cause people tend to just use that as like a dumping ground. IT'S CALLED FEATURED BECAUSE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST OF THE BEST! :icononionsighplz: I'm not saying what's in there is bad, it's just that some people will post their whole 23 part X reader to that folder when there is clearly a folder made specifically for that anime! It just makes life easier to put the stories where they truly belong!

2.) Deleting folders that no one is using! We have some fandoms that people have requested or have just been here since the beginning. Well they are just sitting there empty and getting in the way when re-arranging or just searching for a folder (seriously, it takes like 20 pages to get to the end)! So I'm just going to delete them and if anyone wants them back (and will make good use of them), then I will add them back! It's any folder that had 3 or less, cause we are actually running low on folder space ^^; :iconlazycryrollplz:

3.) Adding folders! Yes, i finally can add folders! Just know that there must be a requirement of 3 or more stories in order for that fandom to have a folder! Upload whatever anime you want, but just know that you may have to wait for a specific folder depending on popularity!

4.) Cleaning the folders cause some stories are either deleted, not in the correct folder, or just not right for the group (ie like an Avengers X Reader, cause that isn't even close to anime).

5.) Picking new collaborators and just anyone who would like to help. A ton of people who used to be co-founders or contributors just aren't on DA anymore or they haven't done anything to help! If you are reading this and want to help, please comment below or just go on the main page and ask (I think you can do that...)

Any fandom that has 3 stories have been moved to the Need New Folder...folder...readerinsertsonanime.deviantar…
Cause that way i can keep track of them for when we can have space for everyone!

Any fandom that has 2>X have been moved to the Other folder readerinsertsonanime.deviantar…

Welp, that's all I have for now! I know that together we can get this group back into shape and make it the super group that it can be! If anyone has any comment, questions or concerns, you can:
comment here
send a note to the group
send a note privately on my page for me!

Have a good night/day!! :iconnatsugrinplz:
I know I disappointed all of you and I am sorry for that. However, life is busy for me (with degrees and careers and all that) and I've grown away from the whole fanfiction thing. I wish your new founder :iconlasercats6: the best of luck to run this. I hope you all keep enjoying this all too. I wish you all luck!
Signing off,

P.s. Also I'm sorry about that contest from wayyyy back. The organization got the better of me and lots of things went wrong. Not my best contribution.
Hello fellow X-Reader friends! I am Co-Founder :iconlasercats6:. So I know that some of you have requested new folders, and those folders are still not added yet... Life has been pretty busy for us here on the admins side of the group ^^;. But I am trying to compile a list of all the requested folders that we need to add. Then when we are able to add new folders, we can add them quickly and we can clean things up on this page!

What I need from all of you is any other requests that you would like! Is there a particular show that deserves a folder or is there a folder that can be created to help clean things up? Comment below and I'll add it to the list!

Please keep in mind that this is an ANIME X Reader fan group. Anything that isn't remotely close to anime will NOT be in consideration (NO Marvel/DC, Steven Universe, or anything like that cause it's not anime).
Also, if you are requesting a folder, please state if you would like X Male or X Female! We can't make the folder without that information!

Here is the list so far:
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (FEM)
Angel Beats (Fem)
Nanbaka (Fem)
Osomatsu-San (Fem)
Tales (Male)
Highschool DXD (Male)
Magi (Male)
My Hero Academia (Male)
Tales of the Abyss (Male)
Yu-gi-oh (Fem)
Hunter X Hunter (Fem)
Inuyasha (Fem)
Voltron (Male)

I will continue to update this list if there are any suggestions in the comments :D.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to ask! We don't bite :iconnatsugrinplz:.

UPDATE! :icondancingplz:
So yeah, it's really hard getting in contact with the founder and so there isn't really anything we can do. I'm trying to get these new folders up and to clean some of the other folders, but only time will tell! I promise that these folders will be up eventually. In the mean time, if anyone has stories from these fandoms, you can submit them to the "Need a new Folder" folder thing....yeah... :iconthumbsupplz:
Sorry, unexpected school work came. I'll have time Easter weekend to read all the entries. I've read a few and they are looking good.

Sorry again! I'll post them in a journal when posted. I think there's around 10-15 entries, not enough for a top 10 but I will put a link to all the entries.

Thanks for the patience!

THEME: Long-distance relationships, Online relationships, Dating App Shenanigans, etc. Something along those lines. (if you aren't sure about it, message me and I'll approve it)

DUE DATE: March 18, 2017 at 11:50 pm EST (no exceptions)

1- Must be a reader-insert.
2- A NEW one-shot only, please. (No more than 5000 words)
3- Mature content/swearing is allowed, but No Lemons. (Make sure you label it as Mature content !!!)
4- One Entry per person. No multiple accounts. No group entries.
5- Must be written for an anime/game that I have watched. (NO OC'S. I will post a list of shows I have watched at the bottom)
6- Follow DA rules.
7- Please submit your story to ME. SEND ME THE LINK IN A NOTE. ANY OTHER FORM WILL NOT BE COUNTED. (Due to folder misuse issues...I will not be putting up a folder for the contest entries. I will post all entries when I post the winners)

AU's, mythical!readers, characterxreaderxcharacter, and whatever other things you can come up with are allowed!
Male/Fem/neuter readers are all allowed.
If something still seems iffy, please ask down below in the comments, and I'll try our best to answer as fast as possible.

Failure to follow rules will result in your story being discarded for the contest and ineligible for prizes.

Note for ALL submitting/ submitted entries:
If you have successfully submitted your story, you may have noticed that I have sent you a message on that story that states...

Thank you for your contest entry! Good luck! (or something like it)
(If you did not mean to submit this as an entry, just say the word an I will relocate it.)

Prize note: all prizes will be held responsible by the donors. Winners must take it up the the giver of the prizes. I cannot guarantee that all the donors will come through (but you do have my permission to bother them until they give it to you.) It is the winners' duty to contact the donors for their prizes. AND it's the donors' duty to give the prizes in a timely manner.

1st place winner:
- A watch, a smol picture having to do with yoursubmission, a cute letter, 5 pieces of advice about anything, and a llama from :iconayano-otori:
- A one shot from :iconwords-of-fate:
- Two one-shots (~700 words each) from:iconkawaii--kiddo:
- A one-shot (1500 words) from :iconmythiica:
- A reader-insert from :iconanimelaurens:
- A 1000 word reader-insert from :iconlalahbug:
- A 1000 word fic from :iconselvatic:
- A llama from :iconnevermoremist:
- 10 points from :iconivoryfeline75:
- A 3-shot (3000 words) from :iconmaryjhollands:

2nd place winner:
- A watch, a cute letter, 3 pieces of advice about anything, and llama from :iconayano-otori:
- A one-shot (~700 words) from :iconkawaii--kiddo:
- A one-shot (750 words) from :iconmythiica:
- A reader-insert :iconanimelaurens:
- A 750 word fic from :iconselvatic:
- A llama from :iconnevermoremist:
- A 2-shot (2000 words) from :iconmaryjhollands:

3rd place winner:
- A watch, a piece of advice about anything, and llama from :iconayano-otori:
- A reader-insert :iconanimelaurens:
- A one-shot (325 words) from :iconmythiica:
- A drabble (~300 words) from :iconkawaii--kiddo:
- A 500 word fic from :iconselvatic:
- A llama from :iconnevermoremist:
- A one shot (1000 words) :iconmaryjhollands:

(prize donors can also participate in the contest) (ask any and all question in the comments below)

(What I've watched:… )

Note!!!!!!: Over the notes that you guys have been sending to me, some of the links are not working. And I apologize for that. I should have messaged you back about it, but if your submission has not been added to my Contest submissions folder on my account, I may not have been able to find it. please send it again somehow. It can be just a comment on my page or this journal. Or at least just tell me the title and I can look through your deviations to find it. I'm sorry about this!

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